Augmented Reality Teleconsultation for Medicine (ARTEKMED)

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What is ARTEKMED ?

ARTEKMED is a joint project of several locations from Bavaria, the aim of which is to provide a system for 3D teleconsultation for medical emergencies. ARTEKMED connects science with industry in order to improve medicine using the latest research methods and the latest, revolutionary technology. The goal of ARTEKMED is to provide paramedics and young doctors the possibility to allow a remote expert to help them in unfamiliar situations. By using Augmented Reality and head-mounted displays (i.e. Microsoft HoloLens), they can see 3D annotations and live guidance from the remote expert. The remote expert sees the 3D reconstruction of the local environment including patient data and real-time sensor data, in order to provide conscientious teleconsultation and annotations. The 3D reconstruction is made possible by using a multi-camera setup at the emergency site, either using the built-in cameras of the head-mounted displays itself or cameras inside the ambulance, to reconstruct the environment of the patient and send this data to the remote expert.

Goals and Approach

Within the framework of ARTEKMED, a telepresence system for medical consultation using augmented reality is being developed for use at the accident scene and in the clinic. The system allows all available but not on-site experts to be brought virtually to the scene of the accident for consultation in order to support the attending physicians in diagnosis and treatment. For this purpose, technical solutions for 3D reconstruction in real time, for determining the position of the participants as well as for efficient and secure communication will be developed. Furthermore, the project will also investigate social aspects such as the acceptance of digital doubles in accident situations.

More Information

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